Are you ready to the opportunity to easy be a premium professional?

There is a network empowering reputable professionals where you can put your good name to work. There you fill your profile and build your network and your reputation score is based on how much point you have. The site is with a Google page rang 6 and Alexa rank of 12,451!
It works as an online identity management. Get found when someone searches for information about you on the major search engines. Create your Naymz profile page and add links to all pages about you. Your RepScore Level is assigned based on your point total relative to all other Naymz Users. Levels range from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. You get Perks on Naymz based on your RepScore Level:

RepScore Level Points Necessary Perk Starts
1 20 or less
2 30 or less
3 40 or less
4 60 or less
5 90 or less
6 139 or less
7 282 or less
8 447 or less
9 647 or less Free Google Promotion
10 More than 647 Premium Visitor Reporting

Point requirements for RepScore Levels are constantly changing based on the average scores of all Naymz users. Perks are subject to change at any time. More Perks are coming soon.

My RepScore level was 10 yesterday and 9 today due to the changes as above. So it is not only necessary to build your reputation, you also need to keep your level as high as possible. It’s not hard to do that if you have a network that knows you and endorses your reputation.

Just join me:

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